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Hey there, I'm Redd!I have had an interest in art and writing for as long as I can remember. I started from humble beginnings selling drawings of cats on the school bus in third grade, taking my first PayPal commissions my freshman year of high school, to now working on the side as a freelancer for traditional and digital artwork, character design, graphic design, and UX design.Along with art, I have enjoyed creative writing from an early age, and have only continued to use this as another creative outlet. I have experience writing novels, academic papers and essays, and more. This experience only aids me in my work as an artist, especially when it comes to the field of web design.While I am currently in school for my Bachelor's in Graphic Design, I work full time in retail and art is still a side project for me. Moving forward I hope to one day offer my varied services full time, and continue to create.